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Tuesday, November 16th 2010

3:35 PM

Nautical Gifts - Brass Telescopes History and Utilization

Researching on the net for premium brass telescopes will turn out a lot of results, although you will only have luck locating the highest quality and most affordable nautical items amongst Hand Crafted Nautical Decor's huge inventory of exclusive brass telescopes which includes beautifully crafted leather and wood materials, including a wide array of nautical decorations. Every single one of our brass telescopes, including the leather and wood finished ones, are made from nothing but the highest quality materials. The collection of nautical decor items at HND is made up of impressive choices that attract both the committed enthusiasts and the everyday collectors. There are many outstanding brass telescopes to select from, with a large variety of style choices.

The Historical Significance of Brass Telescopes

The conception of the brass telescope was definitely one which altered marine expeditions for the rest of time. By learning to locate Earth in relation to the stars, sailors were able to improve their methodology of getting from one place to the next. Undoubtedly, telescopes was key in advancing the technology of nautical travel as well as the connection of people across the globe. The brass telescope was conceived in the Netherlands in 1608. Three distinct people were all credited with originally inventing the telescope, including Sacharias Jansen, Hans Lippershey, and Jacob Metius. Mr. Hans Lippershey is originally believed to have conceived the design for the first basic working telescope. On October 2, 1608 he allegedly attempted a legal patent for "viewing things far away as if they were close by." His patent foreshadowed Jacob Metius's, however, and since a handful of others claimed that they had invented this device, Hans was not given his lawful patent he desired. Although, he was compensated for his "invention" by the government of the Netherlands nonetheless. While both of these innovators are more famous for their claims of invention, Mr. Jansen is considered by many others to have preceded both innovators in the conception of the telescope.

The Correct Way to Use Brass Telescopes

Telescopes may look a tad complex in build, but they are really pretty simple to wield, even for a novice. Before starting out with a telescope, a good location should be determined. To pick out your positioning, make sure to find a clear night,when there are no clouds in the sky and look for a position that will have a clear view of the sky. The advisable spots to do this will be where the position is unobstructed so as to allow a wider range of mobility and viewing. One will also desire to stay away from from the lights of the city and go to a more secluded air space where too much light doesn't change the view. If it is not possible to get away from the heavy lights of the city then using a telescope from thee roof of your home may be the best bet. Sheltered locations are ideal for using a telescope because the light of the city is shielded from your view which allows for a clear view of the sky. While the sun is out, look for a set up site that is levelled, as this will give your telescope good balance so you don't unexpectedly stumble and mess up your telescope settings. The perfect places are on grass and places with minimal vibrations or thermal problems.

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Tuesday, November 16th 2010

3:30 PM

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